West Virigina Deserves a Living Income

West Virigina Deserves a Living Income.

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SRA taught in DIP has an Accumulative Effect

My Experience with Desteni I Process

A really cool thing has happened from using the tools taught by Desteni, Writing, Self Honesty, Self-responsibility, Self Forgiveness and the breath.

At first 3 and half years ago, it was very difficult for me to move myself to write and do SF, thou through encouragement and support from Desteni and its members I pushed myself. There were many times it seemed like I was getting nowhere, and felt my process was not moving, but I kept going as it is said this process will take 7 yrs or even more depending on the person. I can now say that I feel what I have done the past years has actually had an accumulative effect. Because there is so much, extensiveness in our program it feels that you can never get it all, because it keeps coming up as more layers.

So what I see is that though a layer might have been seen and addressed, it does not mean the onion is gone! But this past week – I can see a difference in me; I have changed from what I use to be. I am more aware of my patterns and can stop them. I don’t allow myself to engage and follow the thoughts like I use to. I learned how to stop the excuses I had to stop! Lol

The cool part with the SRA course is we are learning how to peel the layers one piece at a time. And I can see the wisdom in this. Think about it. If you just smash the whole onion and do not investigate each layer to understand how you created it, it will just come back, because all you did by wanting to smash it all at once was really give it more power by suppressing it, because you have not allowed yourself to come to a complete understanding of how it was created.

In others words, the layers that you missed will just grow again.

So this is how the process of SRA course and the tools work in an accumulative way. All the layers finally add up to see what was underneath as the core.

I cannot even express how amazing this is – to learn how to free your self.

It takes hard work, because change always does – but this hard work will give you the freedom to finally truly direct yourself and your life in a way the mind cannot imagine.

A new life will emerge that has nothing do with who you thought you were.

You’ll learn that the mind as thoughts is the only thing stopping you, and how to stop the addiction that we have with the mind as emotions and feelings.


Desteni I Process

Equal Money System

Dare to Live without Shame

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Sharing DIP Muscle testing exercise

DIP DIY Life Coaching

Sharing Structural Resonance Session I did on Myself

Outcast session March 8, 2010

From Chat with Sunette:

(Adele, the fear, the actual fear you’ve been hiding from:

Acceptance – because you never felt that you were accepted by your family, experienced yourself as an outcast since birth – whereby, throughout your life – everything that you’ve done and become = was to search for acceptance?

You’ve got to look at the actual point, which is feeling like an outcast since birth = you’ve got to start with yourself there – identify what you experienced within yourself as an outcast = because it’s that origin point that’s determining/influencing your whole life at the moment.)

Using Muscle testing

PP (Priority Point) = Feeling like an outcast since birth

Yes /this is the priority point

I use the universal Beliefs sheet and got

I need a partner to be happy.

Is this the point/yes

I use to think this all the time. Hm oh, I can remember watching TV at around age 5 and there was a love story between about 2 people, and I remember saying within myself that is what I need to be happy. And shit if I didn’t look for it my whole life.. That “special” partner. And all I knew of it really was that they were hugging each other in the end and the wonderful music was playing and they were Happy and smiling. Lol, so that was what I was looking for that “picture” image. Little did I know that a relationship took work, I thought it just happened when you met the “right” person.

So this goes alone with looking for acceptance, not ever feeling accepted.

Do I require more words -yes/ The dictionary tested for the word



People towards self tested (this is when you approach or speak to people and you go into your pattern)

I believe people are heartless towards me.

I am now feeling resistance to go on with this, so I test:

Resistance- yes

I tested for:

Consciousness/Subconscious Resistance- Feeling emotions and  or feelings together with thoughts, this is a mind resistance reaction.

Discuss point. – Dictionary

I got the word Picket Line and then got the word is picket

Second definition is = “a soldier or solders stationed to guard against surprise attack”

LOLOL oh, shit what a perfect word, I started laughing so hard when I read that, I went into a coughing fit! So I have fear to do the SR work because I am afraid that I will uncover something that I do not want to see.

Is this the point – yes

Yes – to discuss more.

A surprise attack, the vision came up of when someone is hiding around the corner, and jumps out at you and yells, when that happens and I am unprepared I freak out in such a physical panic it leaves me breathless for a bit. Kids do this to each other and think it is funny because of the reaction a “surprise attack can have.

Now I am having resistance to what to do next and to go through all the papers to find the next question. *Look at example from forum. STOP

Is it required to do Self Forgiveness or Walk though. – Walk Through.

Okay so back to I believe that people are heartless to me. Stop session and start over. Yes.

Examples using heartless in experiences that I need a partner to be happy.

I believe that I am not loved if I do not have a partner, and so that another does not “love” me means to me then they are heartless and I feel rejected .

Feeling like an outcast since birth

I need a partner to be happy.

People are heartless towards me

I feel rejected

Are these the points we are working on = yes

On indicator/change I am asking for support in releasing the

Patterns (see Page 9 from my notes)

1. Written work

2. Action

• Speaking

• Stand as Point =yes

• Breathing

Is this session complete? = yes

Changing Ourselfs to Change the World – Learn Life Coaching –

Sell Life Coaching Desteni (I) Process

Check out Equal Money system where all can have a dignified life.

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